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Mistakes That Will Make Your Skin Dry

Posted by Kanu on 2/27/2014 to Kanu News

The reasons behind dry skin are sometimes beyond our reach. Skin conditions which have dry skin as a symptom, or environmental conditions which cause the skin to become dry, are usually not our fault and there’s little we can do about them.

That doesn’t mean, however, that there’s nothing we can do to rob our skin of the moisture it so desperately needs. At one time or another, we’ve all made mistakes that could lead to dry skin. And while some of these mistakes are obvious, like smoking, some of them aren’t – like having hot showers.

It’s not uncommon to think that skin needs to be clean in order to be beautiful and healthy. It does need to be clean, but not too clean. Removing particles of dirt and excess skin oils is a good thing that will keep the skin healthy, but removing the skin oils completely will cause an imbalance that will manifest as dry skin. The skin oils are necessary to keep the moisture in our skin from evaporating too quickly, and when they’re not there, that is exactly what happens. Harsh soaps, sanitizing and cleaning agents which contain alcohol, as well as long hot showers should be avoided.

Speaking of showers, a common opinion is that they are great for moisturizing the skin, which is true, but only when done properly. If the water is too hot and the showering lasts too long, it will cause dry skin. To make the most out of a shower, the water shouldn’t be too hot and you shouldn’t rub yourself completely dry after it. Instead, leave you skin slightly moist and apply some moisturizer over it to trap the moisture in.

The dry air during winter can also dry out our skin. There’s not much we can do about the air outside, but the air inside our homes or workplaces doesn’t need to be that dry. A good humidifier can counter the effects of the weather, heaters, stoves or fireplaces and keep the air humidity at a level that won’t cause our skin to become dry. And as always, a good moisturizer will help as well.

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