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Organic Skin Care for Expecting Mothers

Posted by Bob on 1/2/2014 to Kanu News
During pregnancy, the body goes through a myriad of changes. Some are more visible than others. One of the most noticeable is the stretching of the skin that leads to stretch marks and possible dry skin. Keeping your skin soft and moisturized helps prevent some of the discomfort that comes with this change. 

To find ways to sooth your skin and minimize the effects of pregnancy, use products that make it more elastic and less likely to scar and itch. Shea butter and olive oil products are good choices to use on the skin any time, but are especially useful during pregnancy to help prevent stretch marks and reduce dryness.

Products made with Shea butter are desirable because of the healing properties found in the cream. Shea butter contains vitamin A, which heals and protects the skin and keeps it healthy. 

Olive oil products are also good to use on the skin during pregnancy due to the fact that it also adds moisture to dry skin. Olive oil contains vitamin E and antioxidants that moisten the skin and protect it from the elements, including the sun. 

Because skin care products made with natural ingredients, such as Shea butter and olive oil, are healthier for your skin, you have one less thing to worry about during your pregnancy. 

Spending a little extra time to comfort yourself during pregnancy not only makes you feel better, it makes it easier to deal with all of the changes in your body. Your body eventually goes back to its former state. Until it does, enjoy this special time and do the little things that make it easier for your body to recover.

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 Organic Skin Care for Expecting Mothers

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