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Tattoo Aftercare Cream and Antibacterial Wash specifically formulated for new and existing tattoos from start to finish. After extensive research from industry professionals, we have carefully developed our formulas with natural ingredients in mind.

All of our products are:

-Petroleum Free

-Alcohol Free

-Paraben Free

-Gluten Free

-Cruelty Free

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After Care Tattoo Cream- 2oz
After Care Tattoo Cream- 2oz
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Antibacterial Wash - 2oz
Antibacterial Wash - 2oz
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After Care Kit
After Care Kit
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Key Ingredients

Grapeseed Oil Moisturizer, high in linoleic acid which is a fatty acid that helps reduce inflammation and moisturize the skin.

Benzyl Alcohol Natural preservative, antiseptic properties, found in jasmine and ylang ylang plants.

Glycerin Derived from vegetables, hypoallergenic, helps draw oxygen into the skin, antibacterial properties.

Orange Oil Helps eliminate toxins, anti-inflammatory, soothing, assists the lymphatic system to promote healing.

Shea Butter High in fatty acids, vitamin A & E, has antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties.

Jojoba Oil High in vitamin B, moisturizing properties, antimicrobial and antifungal, made of liquid esters that form a natural protective barrier on the skin.

Beeswax Natural sunscreen protection, locks moisture in the skin, high invitamin A which helps in skin cell repair.

OMC Organic, natural sunscreen protection, helps reduce scarring, partially derived from the cinnamon plant.