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Foods to Avoid for Healthier Skin

Posted by Bob S. on 10/10/2013
A common expression “you are what you eat” may have a lot of truth behind it. Studies have shown that what we eat not only affects how you feel, but has an impact on your skin looks. Avoiding certain foods has been shown to help prevent common skin conditions and decrease skin sensitivity. Healthier and younger looking skin starts with your diet.

Suderma Hand and Foot Cream – Heal Cracks Fast

Posted by Bob S. on 10/7/2013 to Kanu News
This is a unique repair cream which has a fast acting dual moisturizing system. The hands and feet are the most common dry areas of the body. Now, with this quick penetrating moisture system, dry, cracked heels and hands will become things of the past. The best thing about Suderma Hand and Foot Cream is that it does not contain harsh ingredients like many other creams do.

How Eating Healthy Enhances Your Hair

Posted by Bob S. on 10/3/2013
Our bodies need a balanced diet in order to be healthy, strong and function properly. Just like bodies, hair needs nutrients in order to be healthy. The nutrients in the food we eat help to fortify hair follicles. In order have healthy hair, you must have healthy hair follicles and a healthy scalp. A diet rich in protein is essential to get and keep your locks looking their best.

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