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Keeping that perfect style through heat and moisture can be a difficult job for most hair care products to handle. That’s why it is a good thing that Bio Gloss Moisture Retaining Hair Care Product has all of the necessary ingredients to keep hair glossy, beautiful, and maintaining that perfect style all day long. This proven product uses a few Kanu patented formulas that may surprise you.

One of the most notable benefits of Bio Gloss Moisture Retaining Hair Care Product, is that it protects your hair from damaging UV rays caused by exposure to direct sunlight. It does this with Benzophenone-3, essential fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, and oils that enrich your hair. The firm gel keeps your hair from frizzing if it gets a little humid or hot as well. This gel also helps protect against chlorine that might be found in swimming pools or spa treatment baths. If you really care about your hair and what you put in it, use Kanu styling and protection products.

This natural formula is designed to add shine and seal in treatments while providing style definition and a barrier against humidity, environmental pollutants, and the sun’s harmful rays. Seal and Shine: Benzophenoe-3 – Know to Protects from harmful UVA and UVE rays from the sun.

Essential Fatty Acids Vitamins -Defense against Free Radicals which are known to damage the hair and scalp. Protects hair for harmful effects of chlorine / Bromine in swimming pools and spas.

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