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Conditioners are an important addition to your hair care regimen. Unconditioned hair is dry and crispy, and can be damaged with pulling or brushing. Kanu Bio Intensive Hydrating Complex Conditioner is one of the top conditioners available, moisturizing your roots and hair, without making it limp or oily like some other conditioners. Infused vitamins and minerals keep hair strong, buoyant, and shiny.

Kanu Bio Intensive Hydrating Complex Conditioner also keeps your hair from building up unnatural oils at the scalp that can make your hair appear dirty and oily. This conditioner makes combing and brushing easier, without breaking or clumping. A good conditioner is the best way to keep your hair beautiful and manageable, and infuse it with natural vitamins and minerals that keep it healthy. Kanu Bio Intensive Hydrating Complex Conditioner is full of all of these necessary infusions. Shop at Kanu for the best hair and body care products available online.

This rich, moisture-complex formula improves combing ease and style retention, and reduces static fly-away. A special blend of moisturizers, and lipid complex of natural oils and essential fatty acids, natural botanical extracts and vitamins, works synergistically to provide bounce and resiliency. Moisturizes dry/damaged hair and scalp. Imparts shine.

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2 oz, 8 oz

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