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Oh-so affordable, F-5 Thermal Gel comes conveniently packaged in an easy to use 8 ounce pump bottle, unlike aerosol sprays with propellants, which cause known damage to the Earth’s atmosphere, or Ozone layer. Designed for all hair types, F-5 Thermal Gel surpasses previous heat activated hair styling technology by adding luscious texture and illuminating brilliance.

There’s no alcohol to dry out the hair, while only the finest components are blended together, applied from proven Microburst Technology.

Each day, you spend a good amount of time styling your hair, and a glance in the mirror will reveal when you’ve got it right. Now fast-forward to say, lunchtime. Will a mirror reveal the same style, or will your hair mostly resemble the way it looked before you styled it that morning? There is a long-lasting product to keep that style looking right for you, regardless of humidity and airborne pollutants. F-5 Thermal Gel is a heat-activated styling gel, applying Microburst Technology with Dimethylpolysiloxane-reactive polymers that will serve to gently remember and protect the style you created to last through the day.

Scientifically blended with vitamins that protect against damage from free radicals, F-5 Thermal Gel is emulsified with Benzophenone-3, a proven sunscreen to prevent damage to hair by UVA and UVE sun rays.

F-5 Thermal Gel, for all types of hair is designed to provide unparalleled volume and long-lasting hold, and to add texture and brilliance. When activated by heat, Microburst Technology builds memory into style. 8 oz.

Microburst Technology:
⦁ dimathylpolylsiloxaine- Reactive polymers – Builds Memory into the style when activated by Heat.
⦁ Vitamins – Defense against Free Radicles which are known to damage the hair and scalp.
⦁ Benzophenoe-3 – Know to Protects from harmful UVA and UVE rays from the sun.
Special polymers have be shown to Protects hair style from humidity and airborne pollutants. Does not harm the atmosphere (Ozone) – does not contain propellants, Alcohol Free.

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