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Standing, walking, or even sitting with your legs down can be stressful to the arches and balls of your feet. Even for someone that does not spend a majority of their day walking around, the feet are a major buildup area for tension and stress.

This is particularly found in pregnant women, who may not have the same support and balance they had before carrying new life. For those that put freedom in their feet, there is Natural Mother Foot Bath. This foot bath serum relieves tension related to being on your feet all day, or if you simply are stressed. The relaxing aromas will sooth your body and mind as you soak your feet in this wonderful bath. Natural Mother Foot Bath also helps bring down swelling and redness that may be caused by stress to the arches of your feet. Try taking a load off your feet with Natural Mother Foot Bath.

Special aromas are blended in this soothing foot soak to help eliminate odors, and relax sore, tired, pregnant feet. Natural ingredients minimize redness and swelling from being on your feet.

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