Hand & Foot Repair Cream


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The repair cream is based on dual moisturizing system. It provides hydration with essential oils & natural moisturizers; meanwhile, it prevents moisture loss with special barrier complex. It moisturizes, softens, and protects the skin from harsh weather, rough work, chemicals, household cleaners, etc. It contains more than 6 essential oils and Suderma herbal complex XII. It penetrates quickly, leaving skin smooth feel.

Cracked and raw skin can not only be painful, it can lead to infection. At Kanu.com, we offer several different skin creams that can help get your skin back on track. Suderma hand & foot cream is the perfect way to get your skin healthy and on the fast track to healing. Kanu.com provides natural skin care for mothers as well as many unique products for hair as well. Choosing a quality moisturizer that will heal your skin barrier, in addition to providing much-needed hydration is important for a healthy glow. This cream is ideal for helping to maintain healthy skin on feet and even more importantly, it aids in the healing of cracks. With natural essential oils and moisturizers help to protect skin from the daily abuse it takes from weather, cleaning and harsh chemicals it is an excellent product to have in your collection. In addition to Suderma herbal complex XII, you’ll find many essential oils in the ingredients to aid in the healing and moisturizing of your skin.

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