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This gentle formula is designed to clean all types of hair. Provides shine, body, volume and manageability. Contains natural botanical extracts, vitamins and essential fatty acids. Ensures healthy hair when used regularly. Can also be customized to provide extra body and manageability.

Styling products, hair treatments and city grime can all leave build-up on your hair that can dull its shine and weaken its structure, leaving you with dull, limp, lifeless hair. Kanu Revitalizing Shampoo is formulated to clean all types of hair of all the build-up and debris, leaving you with only shiny, strong and full-bodied hair. The special blend includes natural botanical extracts, vitamins and essential fatty acids to rejuvenate your hair without exposing it to toxic chemicals. Use Kanu Revitalizing Shampoo regularly to make your hair stronger, more beautiful and more manageable. You can also customize the blend to meet the special needs of your hair, such as promoting more body or making it more manageable. Order a trail size bottle to see what this revitalizing shampoo can do for your hair, or invest in an economy-size bottle for maximum cost savings.

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