Stretch Marck Cream


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This all natural cream soothes and moisturizes your skin while preventing or reducing stretch marks. The unique properties of Shea butter and Olive oil preserve your skin’s elasticity, protect it from the effects of pregnancy, aging, surgery and the environment, while promoting your skin’s natural regenerative processes. Herbal extracts soothe and heal dry irritated skin and reduce itching. This product contains no alcohol or animal by-products.

Pregnancy can be one of the most wonderful times in a woman’s life. However, it can also irrevocably change a woman’s body. Stretch marks are some of the most common permanent changes that women experience. By using the right moisturizer, you can reduce the appearance of stretch marks and perhaps even prevent them completely. Our Natural Mother Moisturizing Stretch Mark Cream consists of an all-natural formula that includes Shea butter and olive oil to moisturize the skin and promote its natural elasticity to prevent the unsightly marks as your body grows during pregnancy. The lotion also includes herbal extracts that help to soothe and heal skin that has become dry and irritated, providing relief from itching. The natural formula does not include alcohol or animal byproducts, so you can use it with confidence, knowing that it is safe for you and your developing baby.

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